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A box full of human remains, found in a Montana hut, has again opened the case for the three missing boys, the Skelton brother.

Tanner, Alexander, and Andrew, aged 5, 7 and 9 years, disappeared 7 years ago during their father’s stay due to the celebration of the Independence Day in 2010.

The teeth and bones found in the box belonged to the children, as found at the age of 2-4, 5-8 and 6-10 years, but there is still no confirmation that this is about the missing brothers Skelton.

For the occasion of this news, the mother of the missing children announced, that she is still hoping that her sons are still alive.

The father of the missing children, John Skelton, who served a prison sentence of 10 to 15 years, first claimed that he had no connection with the disappearance of his sons. When the mother decided to report the disappearance of her children because their father did not return them home, John changed his original story from “that they are with friends” with the story that he gave them to an “underground” organization in order to protect them from their mother.

At one point he even said that he had given them to a group of Amish, but the children had never been found, the Daily Mail writes.

Although the police chief was then convinced that the father killed the children, this is not proven, so John is in prison for parental kidnapping.

Further details of the forensic analysis will show whether they are the Skelton brothers, and the police have announced that they have identified the person who should be questioned about this case. The bone box was found by cleaners after the previous person who was renting the place was thrown out of the house from which socket was found the box.

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