Big Rig FALLS OFF Pacheco Pass. Was The Driver REALLY Transporting NUCLEAR WASTE And Are WE ALL IN DANGER?!!

One of the most stressful jobs a person can have is being a delivery driver or diesel driver. I’ve had friends tell me how hard it is just to stay awake. They’ve had to nearly O.D. on caffeine just to ensure the load they were hauling arrived on time. Other drivers have been known to take illicit drugs to keep their attention on the road.

As a driver, individuals must ensure that they can also perform maintenance on the engine of their rig. If you are a driver who can’t do this, you probably shouldn’t be driving such a monstrous vehicle.

In certain cases, it is probably better to seek out a shop to perform the required tasks, such as replacing brakes or tires.

This story comes to us from Pacheco Pass, a mountain highway located between Merced and Santa Clara Counties. A driver claimed that his rig’s engine had failed on him and he had to pull off to the side of the road. What the driver was unaware of, however, was that he had stopped it on some loose dirt. This caused the truck to fall off the pass, located on HWY 152, and fall several hundred feet down the cliff.

The Los Banos PD were the closest to the scene, and responded as quickly as they could. Fearing that the driver was stuck under the truck, they worked for over 4 hours to drag the truck back up to the highway.

It turned out that almost right after the rig took a dive down the cliff, the driver was picked up by a cousin. After hours of trying to get in touch with the driver, he was found to be in Sacramento.

When asked why he was not at the scene with his truck, he told authorities “I was scared. I didn’t know what to do.”

Really? How about calling someone yourself to get the truck back up?

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