The body of missing 5-year-old Jordan Rodriguez has been found in the backyard of his mother’s home. The boy, who suffers with several mental disabilities, has been missing for quite some time.

Police decided to search his mother’s residence after they received a phone call from the brother of the man dating Rodriguez’s mother. All the way from Pakistan, he was able to inform authorities that the little boy had been killed and placed in a shallow grave in the home’s back garden.

According to reports, Larissa Rodriguez and her boyfriend Christopher allegedly murdered the young boy and then buried his body. People close to the family came forward and told police that the little boy had suffered abuse for several years.

One witness said she had once seen the disabled boy tied up with a sock stuffed in his mouth, while another said she had discovered the boy in a closet on the brink of death. Both individuals said they had reported the incidents to the police.

Larissa Rodriguez was arrested for the murder of her son, while her boyfriend is already serving time in prison for not making his child support payments. Larissa initially told authorities that Jordan had gone to visit his father in Texas, but she could not give them an address or contact information for his supposed location.

Reportedly, Larissa Rodriguez has had children taken away from her in the past due to abuse and poor living conditions. Police stated that when they entered Rodriguez’s home, it was crawling with rodents and insects. After a few hours of digging in the backyard, they discovered the remains of Jordan Rodriguez. An official autopsy will be carried out to determine his cause of death.

Larissa Rodriguez and her boyfriend are both looking at charges of murder. If convicted, they could spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

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