Ducks ZIPTIED And LEFT To STARVE! What We Know So Far.

Ducks are freaking awesome. They’re awesome to eat, and they’re awesome to observe while out camping or walking through any place they’d frequent. I’ve had to deal with the buggers stealing bait of a hook while I was fishing, which experienced fisherman know is a pain considering how expensive the stuff can be.

In my own neighborhood is a duck living down the street with a bunch of chickens. The funny part is that this duck does not seem to be aware that it is a duck. When one listens to it quack, it does so in the same pattern that a chicken clucks.

A few towns over, there are ducks that patrol the sidewalks of the university. They stand by as people pass, mouths open, waiting for a generous human to grace them with some food. It can be funny or annoying, depending on the mood of the local flock.

Some people find more disturbing interactions with the ducks a lot funnier. Recently, it came to media attention that ducks at a park in California were both tortured and left to starve.

A university student who was taking his daily walk during the dusk hours happened across a few ducks who had their beaks zip tied right to their necks. He had trouble corralling the ducks, so he had to call his friend up for some help.

With the help of his friend, the university student was able to get both ducks under control enough to help them.

One of the duck’s that were zip tied had his loose enough, a simple stroke with a knife was enough to set him free. The other had it so tight, that both young men had to hold the water fowl still enough to use small scissors to cut the zip tie off its neck.

PETA wants info on the people who did this and is offering a substantial reward for it.

Who the hell does this to any animal, let alone a duck who willingly walks up to people?

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