Elder Goes To JAIL For Doing THIS. His Story Brought The JUDGE To TEARS!

When we see homeless people in the streets, even more when they are women or kids, it’s impossible not to feel sorry about their situation. The great necessity and famine by which some countries are going through is obvious.

But, honestly, what can we do about this? We wish we had enough to help them all but most of the times we just walk by them and rarely think about the reasons that took them to be in that situation. This story will make you consider it.

Miguel is a 67 year old Mexican who committed a crime, cornered by necessity and the deplorable economical situation he was going through. Used to be the head of his family, working 11 hours a day in a warehouse lifting very heavy boxes, Miguel never complained about his job, since he was doing everything he could in order to support his family. His crime became viral for the toughness we was judged. People in court just couldn’t believe their eyes.

Years went by and at the age of 60 Miguel’s bosses decided to give him his retirement. However, he wasn’t happy about this. Yet knowing that it was going to be impossible for him to survive worthily with 600 pesos monthly as his retirement payment, and even thought his children could help him, he never thought of himself as a load to anybody, reason why he took the most difficult decision in his life.

He walked to a supermarket near his house and stole a bread loaf. Seconds later a body guard who was near him took him by his shoulders and spouting him insults called the police to solve the situation. Hours later, with tons of effort his children got together 2,800 pesos for his bail. While talking to the judge, Miguel confessed:

“What I receive is not enough and I don’t want to be a burden for my kids. They can barely maintain their own families, so I rather being put in jail. At least there I will have a roof, and at least one decent plate of beans every day, something I don’t even have at home at the moment”.

After his words the court was in total silence and the judge couldn’t stop crying after knowing such an injustice this man was going through. Definitely, we have to appreciate what we have and continue working honorably. Let’s be thankful, and pray for those people who desperation has made them commit crimes in order to go to jail and have food and roof granted.

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