His name is Toby Taplin.
He was dragged from the line by the people in the station who witnessed what happened just moments before the train came speeding into the platform.

The 20-year-old expressed how thankful he was for the people, whom, without their help, would have cost Toby his life. Toby’s face was bruised accompanied with a sore tongue. Toby was waiting for the train in Goldalming Station, Surrey when he collapsed.

His survival was a miracle. If it wasn’t for those people’s fast reaction to what they’ve witnessed, Toby would’ve been dead.

Toby was on his way to his new student accommodation. He said that he was walking to the station on his way to London. The last thing he remembers before his seizure happened was looking at the train board. A quick glance at his watch showed that he had only one minute until his train was due to arrive so he rushed to the platform, as people do, getting really close to the edge.

His memories are a little bit hazy because he was drifting in and out of consciousness. The eyewitnesses say the train was only one minute away. ‘Station staff said if he had been at the opposite end of the platform, he would’ve walked to the front so he could get a seat and that would have given time to the train so he  wouldn’t have stopped in time.’

He said that he has had more severe seizures before but given the circumstances made it the most mortifying one I’ve ever had.’ Toby said he’s now planning a to go on a beer with the heroes who saved his life, Paul Cooksey and Gregory Mahoney, after tracking them down online. Toby was able to contact Paul online and expressed just how grateful he was. His swift actions and quick thinking saved his life.

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