30-year-old Travis Watson has been arrested in connection with murdering a man and then stuffing his body into a closet. He is one of two men police in Florida believe took part in the slaying of Ariel Gonzalez who was found decomposing in a closet in Watson’s apartment that was covered with blood and feces.

According reports, authorities are still trying to track down Jacob Mitchell, the other man believed be involved in the killing, who reportedly hit Gonzalez with a broomstick and coat hanger. Allegedly, he also poured scorching-hot grease on Gonzalez’s head.

Travis Watson informed authorities that Jacob Mitchell was angry at Gonzalez for engaging in sex acts with Watson. Prior to that event, the three men had participated in a threesome involving various kinds of sexual engagements and activities.

When Watson and Gonzalez took it upon themselves to leave Mitchell out of one of their sexual acts, Mitchell allegedly called Watson his husband and alleged that he had cheated on him. The group sex that resulted in the brutal murder of Gonzalez allegedly took place while the entire state of Florida was on lockdown during Hurricane Irma.

A friend Watson’s notified officials when she discovered a disgusting smell permeating out of his apartment. When police arrived at the location, they found Gonzalez dead in the closet and wrapped in a blanket with just a small part of his head on view.

Recently, Travis Watson was released from jail after serving a 13-year sentence for theft and burglary. He was taken into custody for the murder of Gonzalez after initially being stopped for basic ordinance disobedience. He has been charged with failing to notify authorities of a death along with various other charges.

Police are currently searching for Jacob Mitchell who will likely be charged with murder among various other counts.

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