POLICE Officer Posts DRUNK Driving PSA, Hours Later KILLS 3 In Car CRASH Because He Was DRUNK!

26-year-old Edgar Verduzco, a police officer with the LAPD, has been arrested for being involved in a drunk driving car crash that resulted in the death of three individuals. Only hours before the fatal accident, he had posted a message to social media about the dangers of driving under the influence.

Reports share that Verduzco was driving at a very high speed while off-duty when his Chevy Camaro collided with two other vehicles on the freeway.

The riders in one of the cars, a father and mother with their teenage son, the Davil family, all died on the scene after their car caught on fire while they were stuck inside with no way out. They were on their way to collect their other son from the airport. Sakonh Sechang, a neighbor of the family’s, described them as a very friendly and close-knit unit.

Edgar Verduzco and a passenger in the second car both received less severe injuries.

The video that Verduzco posted on Instagram was allegedly taken at a bar and depicted an animated man getting into a car after drinking with a motto encouraging people to not drink and drive displayed on the screen.

Authorities shared that Verduzco was taken into custody after being accused of causing the crash by driving while intoxicated. He has also been charged with manslaughter by vehicle. Reports also indicate that there is evidence that Verduzco was driving above the speed limit when the accident took place.

Charlie Beck, a Chief at the LAPD, expressed his anger toward Verduzco’s actions by saying that he cannot fathom how an officer could be capable of discounting the rules of the road and cause such a horrific crash that has resulted in severe and irreversible consequences for many people.

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