This DOCTOR FAKED A SIGNATURE To Get Patient’s ORGANS! Could This Happen To YOU!!

The renowned British surgeon Simon Bramhall was found guilty on a charge of physical assault on Thursday after it was discovered that he lashed out his initials on his the patients’ organs he operated in 2013.

With a laser for preventing bleeding used during surgery, Bramhall signed the organs like liver, spleen, and pancreas.

Although these organs are healing over time, in one case, the liver did not heal properly. The initials of the organ were discovered by the surgeon who then operated the patient and he reported the case.

Branham, who worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, was first suspended, and after a disciplinary hearing in 2014, he resigned.

Prosecutor Tony Badeno said that he had never met in his career with “this kind of uncomfortable and unusual case” so far. Although it is a “physically attack”, it is still “unprecedented in the criminal law”.

He also adds that it could not have been done without the knowledge of Bramhall’s colleagues because he was not alone in the operating room, and the signing of initials required concentration and precision in maneuvering surgical instruments.

The passing of the verdict is scheduled for the next month.

One of Bramhall’s former patients, 70-year-old Jeff Hughes from Henwick Road, before the decision, said that he has nothing against the surgeon’s procedure.

“When I found out, the first thing I told my wife was: ‘I hope he signed up to me.'”

He adds that he feels privileged that Bramhall signed his liver and that he owes his life. He thanked the doctor for saving his life and said that the rest doesn’t matter, as long he is healthy.

“They told me I would not survive. His surgery saved my life. “

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