When A Family Trip Turns Into A LIFE Or DEATH Situation! What Happened To This Family WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!

For the Harteau family, traveling around the world has become second nature. For years, they have been exploring different countries and cultures with their children and giving them the opportunity of a lifetime that not many other people get to experience. However, their most recent excursion turned into a nightmare trip when the boat they were sailing was overtaken by pirates.

Sailing down the Amazon river, the Harteau’s were confronted by a group of Brazilian pirates who boarded their boat and held them captive for hours. Unable to disembark their boat or fight back, the family had to come up with a way to escape from the people holding them hostage.

After much debating and scheming, the Harteau mother and father decided that the only way they were going to have a chance at survival would be to flee into the water and make their way to land as quickly as possible. In the middle of the night, the parents gathered their young daughters, quietly exited the room they were being kept in and made their way into the deep waters of the Amazon.

The family swam for some time before they reached land. Once on dry ground, they hid for several days in fear that the pirates would come looking for them. Eventually, they noticed a search boat out in the water and came out of their hiding spot to get help. The family was picked up by the rescuers and transported to safety.

The family is now giving in depth accounts of their harrowing experience to Brazilian authorities. They are expected to return to the United States soon. While the likelihood of the pirates being tracked down and detained is slim, the family is still hopeful that some sort of justice will be served.

As for continuing with their worldwide travels, the family says they will never let anything deter them from exploring and adventuring.

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