Gal Gadot DID Swing BOTH Ways Back In Her YOUTH! (PICS)

After some doubts and harsh, undeserved criticism, Gal Gadot has continued to crush every platform there is nowadays with her role of “Wonder Woman”, the amazonian princess Diana Prince by day, and superhero of the Justice League anytime the world needs her.

And just like Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot continues to be just as awesome whether it’s with her superhero suit and astounding visuals, or just by herself in a day-to-day regular routine. She has set herself as a sex symbol and a role model from one day to the next, and continues to do so every other day.

Her latest “big moment” that absolutely exploded in the internet was the kiss with Kate McKinnon, a star much less known, but that has still occupied roles in the likes of the “Ghostbusters” remake of 2016, and also recurring parts in “The Big Gay Sketch Show” and “Saturday Night Live”.

The kiss lasted for less than 5 seconds as a part of a sketch, where Gal Gadot was rocking her now signature Wonder Woman outfit, but you could easily tell who was taking the dominant part in it. The gif,  which made into trending in Twitter, showed Kate’s reaction as being totally surprised by the act, whereas Gal looked as natural as ever.

As if to pick out the alpha in a wolf pack, the strongest one seems to be it: just like that, in this case the most confident was the one that clearly took it all out.

Being that Kate makes such an active part in the LGBT community of the spectacle movie industry, it would’ve been expected from her to take on the kiss much more comfortably, but certainly there was no such bar set for Gadot, which she clearly surpassed at this point. It is unkown if this was at all scripted: however, had Kate been surprised  by all this, she could have taken it a lot better than she did.

If anything, most likely it was that Gal’s status transformed her a bit more like her character: a strong godess, taking what she needs; and Kate was simply lost in Gadot’s mojo. But still, even after watching the video a couple times, it’s just natural to think anyone else would have kissed back such a gorgeous woman.

However, there is one thing we have for sure: Kate McKinnon most have enjoyed every second of that kiss.

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