Google Tries To HIDE The TRUTH, But Their SECRET Has Been REVEALED! Find Out WHAT It Was!!

‘Boys will be boys, girls will be girls’, said a Wiseman once. Of course, when he said it, it wasn’t 2017, and for sure he (because for sure is a he) wasn’t talking about rules regarding working place and the female role in society.

However, this was exactly the case at Google headquarters this August, where one of their male employees dared to make the assumption that women are simply too darn difficult to work with, and it’s all due to their anatomy and the way society views them.

This would have been more than enough to set the spark alive, and in fact, it was. Outraged co-workers of the man demanded that he’d be punished for making such comments, and all the internet simply glanced with disapproval at a guy who just was failing at everything he surely hadn’t intended.

The memo stated what the man thought really in his heart: simply put, he’d rather work with an all men crew, or alas, a team that wouldn’t bleed every month, or need permission to go out for 9 months in a row. However, he said all of this in a very blatant way, as if it was such a big deal, and as if not many women would outperform him in his own job.

But, alas, controversy kept on, with the notice the next day that all of the female workers decided not to go to work the next day; refusing to do so without an apology, in a way that was as flashy as it was money wasting to the company.

How did the internet react to this? Mostly, laughter. I can’t say that those women were in the wrong by starting an argument, but maybe their move was one that proved their detractors right. Couldn’t be any worse.

And of course, after this, Google has said nothing. How much longer will this divide keep on in the ranks of the biggest internet company in the world? We will have to wait and see.

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