Kylie Jenner’s BABY – Boy Or A Girl?! Find Out NOW!

Ever since the announcement of her pregnancy, Kylie Jenner’s feed hasn’t stopped burning not one minute. What will be the baby’s name? Is it a girl or a boy? Will he be baptised or circumcised? To what university will the baby go to once he/she grows?

All in all strange questions, that most likely none of the Kardashians answer because they DON’T KNOW. But what if they do?

None of this gets to stop the fans, not at all. In fact, by now, at least the sex of the baby should’ve been stated. What is it then? Are they just keeping it a secret? They have neither confirmed or denied the rumors about anything! And as usual, theories come around and spread so fast that one starts getting dizzy about it.

The latest one is this: the last of Kylie’s Snapchat featured 3 phone cases, 2 of which represented the mother and father, and the third one is a boy’s color.

So is it a boy? As said earlier, neither Kylie nor Scott have said anything on the matter, most likely enjoying the attention that has brought up for their soon to be newborn.

And it’s only logical that the family would like to lead on fans to discuss and make their own theories, but would they go on to make such a far fetched conspiracy just for the attention. Our guess would be not, and if anything, this could end up as just one big coincidence or just one in a hundred of theories that flop each year about celebrities and their lives.

Even if it’s all a marketing scheme, directed for profit and nothing else, it’s still very much appreciated from the fans that they’re taking this sort of effort. They could have done literally anything else, but to plan such an idea, clearly talks a lot about how much they like their audience, taking into account our ability to look on the smallest details, not needing anything else to read into it.

The good news about all of this is that Kylie Jenner seems to be taking all this in with no problem, and she seems as healthy as ever.


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