Prince Harry Gets PICKPOCKETED. His Reaction WILL SHOCK YOU!

Even while watching his favorite sport, Prince Harry can’t stop being such a heartwarming gentleman! Without hesitation, little Emily Henson minded not of the royal status and lineage of the heir to Great Britain’s crown, and decided to pickpocket some of that delicious popcorn right off of the Prince’s hands!

It seems that popcorn in Canada is no different than anywhere else; people just can’t resist to eating them! However, it took a real prince to hand them off to these little girl! Never mind the moments when she stole them right under his nose, but take a look at his reaction once he finds out. We’re pretty certain when we say he’d make a hell of a father figure.

Watching happily the match with his girlfriend Meghan Markle, he never imagined he’d reach trending topic in, for people have no shame commenting on the matter, making jokes about the whole exchange.

Wherever the jokes are coming from, however, we all know they come from lovely places, for all the sweetness the prince and this little girl embody. Truly a royal moment with the royal family.

Prince Harry’s place has never been one of forgetfulness by the press; ever since he was born, we’ve been keeping up with his tracks, being born 3rd in the line of succession to the British throne, and even still after occupying fifth position, he has always been a character kind to the camera and to the public.

Son of Prince Charles and Princess Diane, being second child never stopped him from competing in polo, ski, motocross or being a fan of the Arsenal Football Club, always endearing and holding a great lifestyle for many to be envied.

Drinking, partying and often making a fool out of himself has never scared this great character from out TV screens, being often held as an image of what the royal’s doings are while in such a nice positions in a country.

It seems that though these years are over, he’s still a role model for many young people; now getting soft, but never getting out of fashion.

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