Chef MURDERS His Colleague For Speaking With His WIFE! You Won’t BELIEVE WHAT He Did NEXT!

What comes in your mind when I say chef? You start imaging a man preparing gourmet food that would be served to you in a presentable manner. You might have already started feeling hungry and might be looking for a snack at this moment. Moreover, chef’s are considered to be passionate people who try and achieve perfection in every step of the process they follow.

But what if we say the passion could be enough to take someone’s life? Would you agree? I don’t think so any of our readers would vouch killing for their passion.

The above-mentioned scenario came true in real life when two cooks decided to take on a single kitchen. Yes, you heard it right the kitchen became the bone of contention between two cooks resulting in one of them losing his life.

The two passionate cooks looking to turn into world famous chefs were lodging in a labour camp in Dubai together. The night was as quiet as it gets and everyone was busy with their work until someone heard a cry coming from one of the rooms in the building. All the labour’s ran out of their rooms to see the cause of the cry.

The witnesses saw 29-year-old victim crying in pain as he fell to the ground bleeding while the 23-year-old suspect was seen running to flee away from the crime. The suspect ran as fast as he could and jumped from the first floor but got caught in the electric fencing and slumped to the ground.

The labourers held the suspect until police reached the scene while the victim was carried to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the victim was proclaimed dead and the suspect was charged with murder.

On being interrogated, the suspect revealed that the two were friends and the argument that resulted in the murder began when they decided to cook. The victim and the suspect both wanted to use the kitchen and got into a heard argument on who will cook first.

When the argument reached no point the victim left for the washroom and when he returned the suspect started attacking him. In his defence, the victim took out a knife and stabbed the suspect in his fingers. However, the suspect snatched the knife and stabbed the victim multiple times in his back resulting in his death.

We had heard anger could lead to your demise and this incident proves that it sure can.

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