Getting mails and packages from your delivery man has become a daily routine and it has been prevalent since ages. After the advent of online shopping and e-commerce, the visits from various delivery men has become very common and we find nothing wrong or bothersome about it.

However, one woman had a bizarre experience with these almost harmless delivery men. The incident took place outside a factory in Kampung Jawa area in Klang, Malaysia.

This lady was working as usual when she received a call that her parcel has arrived outside her workplace.

The lady unsuspectingly went out to collect her package which is the usual practice all of us follow. The delivery man handed her the register for signing and stood behind her. On finding the lady distracted, he suddenly grabbed her from behind and pushed her into the back seat of his car where an accomplice of his held him and the car sped away.

The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera and the police were immediately informed about the kidnapping. The crime was actually done in broad daylight which is why the car’s plate and brand was easily identifiable in the video.

The victim’s brother handed the footage to the police who issued a statement urging people to call if they found the car with the number plate. The police received a call from a witness who reported hearing screams from an alley and found the victim injured and bleeding.

The lady was found an hour after her kidnapping and had sustained minor injuries. The motive of kidnapping is still unknown. The next time you go out to take a delivery, make sure the delivering personnel is what he portrays to be and wearing an identifiable ID which is a company from which he belongs to.

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