This Man ABUSED & TORTURED This Little KID For DATING His Sister! What He DID To The Kid WILL Make YOU PUKE!

Teenagers can be tricky to handle for the best of parents but the most responsible ones always find a way around to deal with them in a calm and composed manner.

The trickiest part of a teenager’s life is their new relationship with the other gender that could often result in a breakdown of sorts for the nascent adults.

As parents it is our duty to handle them with care and make them realise that these things are normal. But what if I said a group of adults lost it when their teenage daughter actually started dating. Sounds quite like the opposite of what a teenager’s family would do right?

The scenario actually happened when a girl belonging to a Pakistani family started dating. The girl 16-year-old started dating a Bengali guy her age from her high school in Blackburn. The two met once a week and communicated mostly using a phone.

The situation sounds normal and it is a phase every teenager goes through but when the girl’s family found out about her sweet 16 romance, their reaction was quite unimaginable.

The girl’s uncle Ghazanfar Mirza saw the couple as he was driving past and quickly brought his car to a halt demanding her niece to get into the car and drove away with her. He returned to get the boy and demanded he entered the car with him.

As soon as the boy entered the car Mirza sped the car making it impossible for the boy to escape. On his way he called the girl’s cousin Saqib Mirza Baig, 29, her brother Khizum Baig and her father Mirza Baig informing them about the situation and asking them to bring weapons for an assault.

The boy was kicked on his head as he was taken hostage by the girl’s family and his phone was checked for proof that he was actually dating her. The family found what they were looking for and bashed the 16-year-old for his actions. The women of the family were heard encouraging the men rather than stopping them from committing the heinous crime.

The boy was left with a scar on his head and a horrific trauma that meant he wouldn’t be able to leave home alone for a while. The Preston Court adjudged the culprits guilty and they will be jailed in the coming week until which they will remain in police’s custody.

The family gave teenage romance a whole another angle making it look like a hate crime and scarred both the teenagers for life.

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