Living beings, be it animals or humans are gifted with a feeling of love especially for our children, our own blood. Any parent could go to any lengths to protect their children from even a scratch. The love we have for them is beyond any limit and could not be fathomed.

However, could this love for children be lethal for them? Can your love for your child drive you to kill them? You must be thinking which parent in the world would do something so terrifying and horrific to their own children.

In a bizarre incident, the scenario did actually come true. Dr. Christopher Dawson, a 36-year-old surgeon from North Richland Hills Texas was suffering from severe depression. The condition had haunted him his whole life. Dawson did not take professional help for battling depression because according to him it would have crushed his career and his source of livelihood.

However, he did not know that his decision is going to lead him to something terrifying, horrific and completely unimaginable. Last Saturday morning Dawson was alone at home with his daughter Aubrey, 5, and his son Luke, 9, while his wife went out to run some errands. The day started as usual and Dawson was fighting hard against his thoughts but today there were some unusual ones that were perturbing him.

When Dawson’s wife returned home she found all of her family dead and called the cops immediately. It was discovered that it was none other than Dawson who had killed the children before killing himself. The police discovered that it was Dawson’s fear of his children begetting his problem of depression that made him commit the horrific act.

Luke, Dawson’s nine year old son had anxiety problems which made Dawson think that his children could go on to become like him triggering him to murder the poor children before taking his own life.

Depression is a disease and could be treated. Do not be scared or shy away from taking professional help to battle it. It could lead to disastrous repercussions.

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