NUDE Postal Worker KILLS BOSS And Fellow Employee! Find Out His Reason For Doing It HERE!

DeShaune Stewart entered the post office where he worked in Ohio and killed his supervisor. He then waited for one of his coworkers and shot her dead, too. Not to mention, he was naked during all of this.

Allegedly, Stewart was at the center of an investigation that could have led to his firing. He entered the post office several minutes before his shift began with no clothes on and tracked down his boss, Lance Dempsey. His gunfire forced his fellow workers to flee the office in fear of their own lives.

He then left the office and drove to a nearby apartment complex where the woman at the head of his investigation lived. Reportedly, members of the complex reported to authorities that they had seen a naked man running after a woman with a gun.

When police arrived at the apartment complex, they discovered the body of Ginger Ballard lying in the parking lot. They also located a gun not too far away from her body.

Police eventually tracked down Stewart, who was still naked, and arrested him for the two murders. When questioned as to why he targeted those two individuals, he made it clear that his vengeance had something to do with the possibility that he could have been fired from his job.

Workers who were present at the office during the first shooting are still recovering from what they witnessed. They say they are shocked and horrified at what they saw take place at the hands of a man they worked with every day. Many of them say that are scared to return to work because you never know when the next person is going to snap and act violently.

DeShaune Stewart is currently being held in custody while awaiting trial. He could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted.

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