PEDOPHILE Went On Vacation With A 15-Year-Old TEEN AND Her FAMILY! What Happened Next WILL SHOCK YOU!

Teenagers can be tricky to handle for the best of parents. With adolescence dawning on them, they go through a varying range of emotions. Upon entering this phase of life they get attracted to different people all of whom might not be who they actually portray themselves to be.

With that said, all of you would be thinking portraying a different personality just to befriend someone is quite normal these days. A man named Clinton Stothard, 31, took this to a whole new level when the alleged pedophile portrayed himself to be a 19-year-old to befriend a 15-year-old for all the wrong reasons.

You would think that would be his limit because coming face to face with the girl and her family would blow his cover right? But that wasn’t the case, this man managed to tag along with the girl’s family for a vacation.

Stothard met the 15-year-old girl over the internet and portrayed himself to be a 19-year-old. He wasted no time in winning her trust. Stothard groomed the girl so shockingly well that she made him meet her parents. Stothard did not stop there, with his cunning skills he won the trust of her family too and the whole family considered it comfortable for their daughter’s new boyfriend to accompany them to a vacation.

Fortunately, the police called out his bluff before he could lay a finger on the 15-year-old and arrested him. It was later revealed that he had been inciting multiple children over the internet to send explicit pictures and engage in sexual activity.

Stothard admitted to 39 offences and was adjudged guilty on 18 indictments. Stothard was jailed for six years on December 4 and will never be allowed to live with anyone under 18 years old.

The next time your daughter makes you meet her boyfriend, at least make sure he belongs to her age group before she could be harmed.

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