POLICE Officer FORCED A 17-Year-Old To MASTURBATE In-Front of Him! You Won’t BELIEVE WHY!!

We as citizens of a country trust our police officers for our safety and security. We look up to them in crisis and hope they would come to our rescue.

A detective named David Abbott was investigating a case in regards to sexting when he arrested 17-year-old Trey Sims as a suspect for sending his penis’ picture to his fifteen-year-old girlfriend.  When Trey denied sending any such pictures the detective forced him to start masturbating in front of a room full of officers in order to take a picture of his erect penis.

The picture was going to be an evidence for the case as he wanted to compare the two pictures and prove Trey guilty of his crime. However, Trey was unable to achieve an erection due to the presence of multiple people in the room and detective Abbott took the picture of his penis anyway.

In the next hearing, the court criticized the detective’s procedure of obtaining evidence and called it violation of Trey’s rights. The court ruled that the detective should be arrested for his crime as it comes under child abuse.

It was later discovered during that process that detective David Abbott was also involved in a child pornography case and was convicted on other cases of child abuse.

As soon as the detective came to know that he was going to be arrested on the above-mentioned accounts he took his own life in order to be spared of the troubles he would have to go through in case he was put in prison amongst the people he had arrested and jailed.

We as people believe and trust police officers to keep us safe and secure but sometimes we need to revolt and rebel when the most basic rights of privacy are intruded. We hope the other police officials would do enough good in the future that this incident would never come up again.

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