PREGNANT Woman KILLED After Home Gets FLOODED With BULLETS! You Won’t BELIEVE What Doctors Did To Save the BABY!

Pregnant teenager Jasmine Vega was asleep in her Arizona home when a barrage of bullets came flying though the walls and windows from an unknown assailant on the outside of the home. She was shot and immediately began screaming for help.

When the other people present in the home made their way to her, she was unconscious and unresponsive. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Doctors worked effortlessly to deliver the baby she was carrying that was only six months old. The baby was born successfully and is currently being kept in an intensive care unit. Doctors say they are hopeful that the baby will receive the proper care and treatment over the next few months so that he can live a full and thriving life.

Authorities are now working on determining why Vega’s home was targeted. They are interviewing everyone who was present in the house at the time of the shooting to figure out if anyone could have been the possible intended target, or if it was a completely random act of violence.

Vega’s boyfriend and the father of her baby shared that after the shooting took place, he heard Vega yelling out for him. When he finally reached her, it was too late. He says that he is devastated that his girlfriend has been taken away from him, but he is hopeful that his son will make it through and be able to fill part of the gap that has been left in his heart.

He shared that he is extremely grateful to the doctors that were able to deliver his son alive and his is confident that they will provide him with the best care and treatment so that he can grow into a big, strong boy one day soon.

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