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The great boom in internet has presented all of us an opportunity to learn new things on a daily basis and implement them in our daily lives. The modern era has also opened up a market for people who like showcasing their skills and making out a career of it by entertaining their followers on multiple social media platforms.

Wu Yongning, aged twenty six-year-old, took creating a viral video to a whole new level which could even be labelled insane when he risked his life in order to publish new content on his channel which had been inactive since November 8th of this year.

Wu climbed the Huayuan International Tower in Changsa, the capital city of Hunan province of China. Wu then lowered himself from the edge of the 62-storeyed building to perform the iconic pull-ups without any harness.

Wu unfortunately couldn’t pull himself back up and fell from the building resulting in his death on the spot. The 26-year-old was a social media sensation and trying to perform a stunt to gain views on his channel.

The whole incident was filmed as a part of this and his unfortunate death was caught on tape.

We would like to advice our readers to not go through with any stunts that could put their life in danger because lives are more important than the views they get after posting it on any social media platform.

The fans then flooded Wu’s social media pages with tributes for the young man but he wasn’t there to read or respond to them raising a question on the negative impact of modern era’s idea of popularity and earning. Wus stunt comes as a lesson to people who go too far trying to get famous through social media.

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