This Woman CUT Her Husband’s PENIS! The Reason Behind Her Actions WILL SHOCK YOU!

Handling relationships today is as tricky as it gets. The fast paced modern life has turned us all into hard working machines and taking out time for oneself has become difficult, let alone taking out time for your partner.

Because of the hectic schedule, break-ups have become a part and parcel of life and it isn’t something out of the ordinary for anyone these days.  However, for one unfortunate man, his breakup would haunt him the rest of his life.

Samuel Ventura Garcia, 44, had been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Johnny Diaz, 28. The couple had been going through a rough patch lately and a fierce argument between the two broke out in their cabin situated in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

After the two had calmed down, things seemed to go normal but it was just the calm before a storm. The unsuspecting Garcia was drugged by her girlfriend which left him unconscious.

While Garcia was unconscious, Diaz cut off his penis and fled the scene of the crime. Police was tipped off by an unknown source and quickly caught hold off Diaz.

Garcia was rushed to the nearest medical facility where he was given the initial treatment, after which he was shifted to a private hospital.

The doctors have put Garcia on complete bed rest and he is expected to recover in two months. On the other hand, Diaz admitted to the crime and justified it by claiming that Garcia’s mistreatment led him to his painful feat.

Garcia was apparently forcing Diaz to stay with him and the building frustration led to the lobbing off of Garcia’s part. Garcia denied Diaz’s claims and said she was the abuser instead. In any case, the relationship was nearing an end but it could have been a lot less painful for Garcia.

The next time you think about ending it with your girlfriend face to face, make sure you can handle her at her worst.

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