Woman Had SEX With 20 GHOSTS! Did She REALLY Become PREGNANT?!

We human beings are all made differently, though we have the same physical aspects we differ in our likes and dislikes. We often tend to get closer to people as we start to know them and express our love by getting intimate with each other and human desires take over.

The one thing that is common in the above-mentioned scenario is that the relationship exists between two humans who see and feel each other. However, in a bizarre case a woman chose spirits of dead people over the living ones. This story might sound as if it was made to entertain our readers but it isn’t.

Amethyst Realm, a resident of Bristol is a spiritual guidance counselor who tries to help living humans find a purpose and meaning to life has decided to give up men in order to make more room for spirits in her life.

You would question as to what pleasure in the world does this 27-year-old will get by knowing spirits. The answer to the question may sound unbelievable and a bit difficult to digest but it is her sexual relationships with multiple ghosts that have driven her take the decision.

Yes, you read it correct the first time Amethyst has had multiple sexual relationships with spirits that often visit her home. The strange nature of the matter does not end there itself, Amethyst is planning to settle down with her soulmate who apparently will just be a soul and get pregnant with the spirit’s baby.

Amethyst made this shocking and bizarre revelation in a morning show in England. She further went on to describe how a sexual relationship with a ghost made her change her mind about getting married 12 years ago when she was already engaged.

This eerie scenario has taken the concept of relationship to a whole new level and has given it an angle that no human mind could have ever thought of.

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