This Is HOW You STOP A Woman From Being A RACIST! This HAD To Be Done!

We teach our children to respect people of every caste, creed, color, and we as Americans try and believe that racism does not exist in the great nation anymore.

The myth that racism does not exist in the United States of America was broken when an African-American was waiting to board his flight in a first-class waiting lounge. Emmit Eclass Walker is a premier music executive and was waiting to board his plane at the Ronald Reagan Washington airport in the queue.

Just as he was waiting for the queue to move forward he heard a blonde white woman saying he might be in the wrong queue and he should let the rest go first because it was a priority queue for the first class passengers. The woman actually denied acknowledging that the man could be traveling via the first class too.

Emmit then showed his ticket to the lady and explained her that he had bought the same ticket at the same price. The woman then stated that Emmit would not have paid for his ticket and the rest of them had so he should have waited before others got through.

Any normal person would have taken offence to such a hurtful comment and would have retaliated with foul language and same disgraceful comments as the lady used. However, Emmit maintained his composure and said that he was just a ni**** with money. The whole crowd present at the airport applauded the way Emmit had handled the situation and set an example for everyone.

Emmit had videotaped the whole incident and he posted it on social media. The post went viral in matter of minutes and the lady was criticized by people all over the world. Everyone came out in support of Emmit which showed a significant win over racism.

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