Woman FORCED To PAY His Husband’s MISTRESS After She FOUND Out About Their AFFAIR. See How The Situation Unfolded!

The deceived woman lost in trial and must now pay “grievances and prejudices”.  The now-determined mistress started a relationship without knowing the man was married.

Some people believe in monogamy, and some people cannot handle the idea of sending their whole life with the same person. There are many love triangles, but perhaps none had such a scandalous ending as this.

In the province of Mendoza, in Argenina there was an almost unprecedented judicial decision. A woman must pay a significant sum of money as compensation to her husband’s mistress for damages. The woman who was secretly dating the married man reported that the wife in question came to her workplace, slandered her and met with the managers to ask them to dismiss her.

In August of 2013, they met and the relationship flourished.  He told her that he was divorced and that his ex-wife lived in Europe. He even introduced her to her daughter and gave him the keys to the building’s garage to keep the car.

But it was over a month when the wife, from whom she never divorced, returned from her trip to Europe and noted that the parking lot was busy. From that day, hell broke loose. The deceived woman did not stay still, but instead, she raised war.

For more than 20 days, he threatened her on the phone, and did go into her workplace. This triggered the alleged mistress to present a lawsuit against the woman. Civil judge Rosana Moretti, condemned the woman to pay her 60 thousand pesos (3,415 USD) plus interests to his husband’s mistress in terms of therapeutic expenses, legal expenses and moral damages.

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