What This Family FOUND In Their Dog’s Food WILL HORRIFY And DIGUST YOU! CHECK YOUR Pet’s Food!

Mass production is one of the many inventions responsible for helping push the United States economy to its current size. This ensures that a company can produce a product for as little cost as possible, for as much profit as possible. There are typically safety checks, but this does not ensure the consumer of mass-produced product will receive the company’s promised quality.

Distribution centers exist throughout the U.S. that sell dog food wholesale to independent vendors. Conditions in each warehouse vary, therefore leaving companies unable to guarantee a quality product unless bought from them directly.

How do consumer deal with low-quality product when it’s not the company at fault?

A family in Central California found something you never want to find anywhere in your house. While getting ready to feed their four animals, Jason found what he thought were worms inside the dog food. “I didn’t know what they were, man. But these things freak me the hell out.” After his wife Alison did a quick Google search, they were able to determine it was the larvae of what is known as the “Pantry Moth.”

“I’m so f*cking pissed. We always buy this food from the same store and we have never had this problem.” Alison had mentioned the lack of care their local grocer took to store products, so she really wasn’t surprised they found a pest in the dog food.

After consulting with their usual pest-control guy, Jason and Alison’s family were recommended glue-covered moth traps. This would ensure the adult moths are taken out and prevented from further breeding.

Pest control also let them know to go through all the food in their pantry to ensure the infestation did not spread. This was especially upsetting for Alison because they had just purchased groceries for a special dinner. “I may have to toss everything in my cabinets and fridge! Where else are these damn things?”

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