Man Goes For A “WILD RIDE” On SCHOOL Bus, After A KID Threw THIS Out The Window!

68-year-old Leverne Doran was arrested after video footage of him holding on to the front of a moving school bus because a student on the bus threw a bottle out of the window went viral. Doran was allegedly attempting to get the driver of the school bus to stop when he seemingly lost his marbles and climbed onto the hood of the moving vehicle.

After the student reportedly tossed the water bottle out of the window, authorities shared that Doran pounded on the doors of the bus and tried to gain access inside. The driver refused to open the door because he was worried for the safety of the kids he was transporting from school.

Once Doran realized that he was going to be unable to get on the school bus, police officials said he walked around to the front of the vehicle and hopped up on the hood as it began to pull away. He clung to the front of the bus yelling at the driver and shouting obscenities.

The entire event was caught on camera by a student who was present on the bus. The bus driver decided the best thing to do was carefully drive the bus to the closest police station.

Luckily, an off-duty police officer was close to the situation, saw what was occurring and quickly attempted to stop the madness. He intervened and separated the irate man from the school bus and arrested him immediately.

No children were hurt during the incident and police believe they were never at risk of being in danger. An investigation is underway to determine if a bottle was actually throw out of a window of the bus.

Leverne Doran has been brought up on charges, including disturbing the peace and destruction of property.

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