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Vacationing in a forest comes with its share of dangers. One must always remember: you are spending the night in a place many animals call home. The best tip for everyone to follow is to move in large group. It’s also important to be mindful of any young children in your group, especially if they tend to get lost easily.

With what we know about wolves now, it is easy to determine at what time of year wolf attacks are more likely to happen. To help conservation efforts, some wolves are outfitted with special collars that track behavior. Understanding their behavior and eating habits is of vital importance to ensuring the perpetuation of their species.

Though we now have a deeper understanding of wolf behavior, it does not mean we’ll understand their every action. Like many other creatures inhabiting Earth, they do things that we all have trouble understanding.

A 7 year old girl was vacationing with her family in Oregon’s Umpqua Nation Forest, when she was separated from them and got lost. What made things worse is that a former friend of the father had been stalking the family for some time, and was believed to be armed.

According to the young child’s account, she had broken her leg after rolling down a hill. The former friend of the father, whom the child did not know herself, had found her and began to threaten her with a gun. “I was really scared,” she told the Eugene Daily. “But the big dogs came and helped me.” These dogs turned out to be a 5 member pack of Gray Wolves.

The little girl told authorities that when the man came close to her, the wolves got closer and surrounded her. When he raised the gun at them, they all bared their teeth and advanced, causing him to stumble on a branch and drop his weapon.

As if they knew what the gun was, 3 of the wolves surrounded the man to prevent him from reaching for the weapon.

The girl’s father, Alex, said he had gone in search of his daughter the moment he realized she was not in the group. When he approached the scene he found with his daughter and the wolves, the two keeping her safe retreated without incident. “They even kept watch as I tied his hands up and took the gun out of reach.”

Park Ranger Sean M said the pack may have had newborn pups a few weeks ago. “There’s usually a hormone every newborn creature secretes that brings out motherly instinct in other species. This child’s much older, so I am genuinely confused as to why they behaved the way they did.”

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