Squid has been a delicacy in Asia for as long as the population of the continent has eaten seafood. As the centuries have gone by, many variations of traditional dishes have been invented as a result of different cultures mixing together.

Japanese culture has what the majority of the world knows as sushi, and sometimes squid can be served raw. There are a handful of places in the world that serve live squid, but that gives the little bastards a chance to crawl up your throat and back out of your mouth. That’s why I’d wait till a squid is nearly black to eat it. I’ll make sure that thing is dead before it ever comes near my mouth.

Despite all the bad press involving seafood dishes with squid, people continue to flock to boardwalk restaurant. They’ll go to sushi places where people have been poisoned over and over, though from what I know, a touch of lemon and salt can cure what might give such an ailment.

A woman having a dinner at Pier 39 in San Francisco was having a great time with friends at a well-known seafood place. She decided to order skewered Squid-on-A-Stick, which came with a serving of four small squid.

What is worrisome is despite the dish being prepared a certain way, the squid’s bug-like sperm pods attached to the woman’s cheeks and tongue after she had bitten down of the egg sac. Experts say that because of the way it was cooked, it’s a little odd that anything inside of the dead creature was even still alive.

These “pods” as some call them, embedded themselves with special spines. Because of how these things get stuck in tissue, it is impossible to remove them without surgery and special tools only available in hospitals.

Honestly, after hearing about this, I’m not sure if I ever want to try squid. The thought of live things crawling inside my mouth makes my skin crawl. Don’t you feel the same?

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