Ambulance Paramedic MURDERED 2 PATIENTS And SOLD Their CORPSES To THE MAFIA For $300! What The FU**?!

Paramedics are the people who are our hope to saving our beloved’s life or sometimes ours. The emergency services are called when a patient needs to be transported to the hospital when their life is in grave danger.

The paramedics are the people who have been responsible for saving multiple lives in the past. Their medical expertise in times of distress proves enough to help the patient survive on their way to the hospital where they are given the required treatment.

But wait what if we say that these paramedics may be the reason you lost a loved one in the past. It wasn’t because they didn’t stand a chance of surviving, it was because they were forcefully killed. Sounds unbelievable and totally nonsensical right?

But it might be true because in a recent incident a paramedic was found doing just that. David Garfalo, 42, is an ambulance driver who was responsible for carrying patients to the hospital for further treatment. However, the police found out something shocking about him. David allegedly injected air into the veins of terminally ill patients which induced their death while they were being transported from their home to the hospital.

David implemented the well planned scheme to make the death look as natural as possible. The only question was why? Why did he take away their chance of living again?

Police investigated and found out that it was because of money. David used the funerals of the victims to his advantage. David acted as a mediator between the grieving families and gave them the number of the undertakers who would further organise the funeral. He pocketed $300 for each body.

The ways people take to earn money are getting weirder day by day and taking away the gift of life from someone is the most cruel way to look after yourself and your family.

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