HEROIC 12-Year-Old BOY SAVED HUNDREDS of Train Passengers After Doing This! Find Out HOW He Managed To Do It!!

Comics were a wonderful invention that revolutionized how we grew up. One of the characters from the famous superman comic was Superboy. A clone developed from the DNA of the only kryptonite by the government to use against him in case he goes rouge.

Like superman, superboy decided to use his powers to do good for the people and this world he was born into.

But these are fictional characters right? Can you think of a teenager running down a track trying to save a train from running over a broken track single handily? No right, it’s impossible and we would have agreed with you if it was not for this boy.

Bhim Yadav, a grade 5 student was on his way to his farm when he saw a train nearing a broken track in full speed. It was a chilly morning and the temperature was as low as 12 degrees. The driver of the train had no clue that he was jeopardizing hundreds of lives as he continued driving the train to literally a dead end. Bhim spotted the broken track and all he could think of was how to save the people in the train.

He ran with all his might and took a position facing the speeding train. He then took off his shirt in the chilling cold and violently waved it towards the driver indicating him to stop. The driver noticed the young boy waving the t-shirt with all his might and took the cue.

He slowed the train and brought it to a halt. It was later that he realised that the boy had saved hundreds of innocent lives by putting his own in harm’s way.

Bhim was lauded for his brave act all over India and would be gifted for his valour and quick thinking. Though we did not find a hero with superpowers but Bhim with his act proved that you do not need superpowers to be a hero.

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