In the Fall of 2016, the entire country was frightened by an epidemic of “killer clowns” who were spotted along roadsides and in other domesticated areas. In most cases, these clowns were content to simply slink around in the shadows frightening people, yet in some cases, witnesses reported being actively chased and threatened by people in clown suits.

The phenomena was so serious that many major chain stores such as Wal-Mart and CVS made the decision to pull all clown costumes and masks from their shelves.

Many people thought the killer clown epidemic had faded and gone away. Yet recent developments in a small-town haunted house have raised concerns that the movement may still be continuing, and in fact, may be more ominous than ever.

Each year, the town of Bridal Falls, Idaho hosts a haunted corn maze called “Terror Behind the Rows” which transforms the town’s normal corn maze into a haunted playground after hours.

Visitors pay a ten dollar fee and enter in the haunted maze in groups of two to seven for a forty minute long self-guided walk which brings them face to face with chainsaw wielding farmers, scarecrows possessed by evil spirits and a number of other classic Halloween haunts.

One thing that is noticeably missing from the haunted maze is the presence of evil clowns. “Given the killer clown hysteria from last year, it is something we just decided to stay away from,” says James French, the owner of the haunted corn maze.

“Before 2016, we used to incorporate scary clowns into the haunted maze, but for the last two years, we’ve decided not to in order to not lend any validity to the idiots who were dressing up last year trying to scare people.”

Imagine French’s confusion when two separate groups in the last week emerged from the haunted maze with stories of being chased by a sinister-looking clown wielding a knife! The incident was first reported on Thursday night, when a seventeen-year-old girl and her boyfriend reported seeing a clown emerge from the corn rows.

“At first, I thought it was part of the whole show,” the girl reports. “He was just standing there watching us. Then he grinned, and I could see the knife he was carrying. I got scared, so I started to run. He followed right behind us, threatening to cut us if we were caught. I just ran and ran. By the time I got to the next group of people and turned around, he was gone.”

Two days later, a group of college students was going through the maze when they encountered the same maniacal clown. “He just started running after us,” reports one of the students. “We thought it was just another actor, so we ran away laughing, and when we got to the end, I told one of the volunteers working the maze that the clown had really given us a scare.

The volunteer’s eyes got really big, and all of our hearts started to race when she informed us that there were no clowns in the maze.”

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