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This Woman Went Out To Buy Bread And Gets KIDNAPPED By A Religious Cult! What They Did To Her Was TERRIBLE!

Gloria Lizeth Izaguirre Torres, a 42-year-old housewife and mother of six, went out to buy some bread and coffee at the local grocery store this past Saturday. What seemed as a normal, uneventful day of the many she would have to live, ended up being her last, as she was kidnapped – and sacrificed! – by what seemed to be a sect of Satanist worshippers, according to La Prensa.

Her body was discovered in an abandoned and rather creepy building of the Corralitos sector, in the very heart of Honduras’ capital city, Tegucigalpa.

To make things far creepier, they found her corpse dressed in a black robe, kneeling in front an altar of sorts, containing candles, a wooden cross and a crimson pentagram on the floor.

Local authorities also discovered deep pentagram-shaped wounds on the victim’s hands, although her body showed overall signs of torture. As a matter of fact, preliminary reports indicate that she might have died as a result of a deep stab wound in the upper part of her stomach, surely as a part of some sort of Satanic ritual that took place in said building.

Why was this lady chosen at random at daylight? And what was the whole purpose of this diabolic crime? It still remains unknown. However, they found some grizzly messages scattered around the place (and in English, no less!) that might shed some light to the mystery.

One of those messages read “For the power that the spirits of darkness grant me and for all that they have given me, I came to give them my life and also for the whole curse to end”.

A second one – graffiti – was found in the wall and read “Pacto 2018” (Pact 2018).

Other than this, however, there were no more clues left at the crime scene.

As of today, no one has been arrested or come under suspicion. Witnesses claimed to have seen some dark-robed people exit the building in where they body was discovered, although their exact destination – let alone their identities – remain largely unknown.

They disappeared in the shadow of the night.

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