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Woman Falls Out Of A Rollercoaster To Her DEATH! Potential Homicide As The Ride Operator FLED The Scene!

An everyday family night in the local fair turned into a nightmare when a mother and her daughter fell from a popular attraction in Mexico and turned what could be deemed an accident into a potential homicide, as circumstances forced local authorities to declare it so.

According to some local media outlets, 50-years-old Irma Sánchez Albarrán and her 27-years-old daughter, Nayeli, decided to visit an annual popular fair in the small city of Pénjamo some nights ago.

Unaware of the tragedy that expected them, they decided to ride one of the most popular attractions called “El Roster”, one of the biggest pendulum rides around the place.

Amidst the joy and the screams, and while they found themselves spinning at a height of 32 feet up from the floor, one of the security bars that held both mother and daughter opened and the two ladies fell down, straight into the floor.

Although luckily Nayeli managed to survive the crash, she’s right now in intensive care, fighting for her life at a local hospital. Mrs. Irma Sánchez, however, suffered contusions that caused her instant death once she crashed into the floor.

Local authorities are now considering turning this accident into a potential homicide case after the ride’s operator fled from the scene amidst the confusion, during the incident’s aftermath. However, and other than this, no further progress or arrests have been done at the fair, and it has continued its operations to this day.

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