Woman Was KIDNAPPED While On Vacations! What They Did To Her Body Will TERRIFY You!

Liga Skromane, a 33-year-old Latvian woman, who was seeking a cure for her depressive problems ended up dying in a brutal and horrifying way. Liga Skromane was Latvian by birth but was living in Dublin, Ireland. She had heard about the “wonders” of the most popular “rejuvenation centers”, one, in particular, that was located in the Kerala region of India.

She decided to go with her sister Ilze, everything was perfect, they were having a good time, and relaxing in each other’s company. But, days after arriving, while they were both on a local beach, Liga disappeared without a trace.

According to reports from the local press and authorities, Liga was in the company of her sister Ilze at a yoga center when, for reasons that she never revealed to anyone and that have not yet been fully clarified, she decided to leave the place.

Her partner, Andrew Jordan, who is two years older than her, has since started a frantic and desperate search. He couldn’t get rid of a bad feeling, and he also suspected that the League had been kidnapped by nefarious individuals from the underworld who wanted to extract his organs and sell them on the black market.

He decided to travel to New Delhi in March, where he told the Sunday Mirror newspaper about his fears, saying he had an idea of what was in store for Liga. Unfortunately, many weeks went by without news in the case of the disappearance of Liga, during which time the authorities handled the hypothesis that Liga had been a victim of rape perpetrated by drug traffickers.

On the 20th of April, the lifeless body of Liga was found, the body was in an advanced state of decomposition, it was hanging from the ankles on the branches of a tree. The authorities soon announced to the media at a press conference their hypothesis that Liga was intercepted by a couple of local drug traffickers, who offered her to use some kind of drug or narcotic, then proceeded to rape and decapitate her, then left her body hanging from a tree by her ankles.

The body was out in the open for so long that the League body was practically unrecognizable, and what’s worse is that when they discovered her body it was just on her birthday. She was recognized by her sister and other family members for the remains of her clothing that were still on her body.

India is suffering from an ever-increasing wave of violations against women, which is unfortunately commonplace not only in India but also in the rest of the world. The authorities have declared themselves to be in constant struggle against horrifying crimes of a brutal nature.

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