New RARE Species Of A TWO-HEADED Deer Found In Minnesota! See The Pictures Here!

A mushroom hunter in Minnesota made an incredible discovery. According to researchers, what he found two years ago is now a landmark in history when it comes to nature oddities. As he was walking through the forest he found a 2 headed fawn, which is the first time in history something like this was documented. Now, we know more about the case, thanks to an official report that was released by scientists working on the deer.
The fawns were stillborn. However, this is the first time in history a documented case of conjoined-two-headed deer reached full term and then were born was presented. According to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources research manager, Lou Cornicelli, this was never even described before. He went on to add that only few such cases ever appeared, with none of the cases being delivered to term.
Two other pregnancy cases of conjoined deer fawns were recorded but none of them made it through the entire pregnancy. Officials did conduct various lab tests on the deer. It was revealed that they had 2 separate head-neck areas. These were joined along the animal’s spine.
During May 2016 the discovery was made. A local mushroom hunter saw the twins around the Mississippi River, close to the southeastern part of the state. The DNR was contacted and the deer were frozen. Necropsy was then conducted.
Fawns had completely normal heads, legs and fur. However, internally they did share a liver but extra spleens and gastrointestinal tracts.
Unfortunately, the necropsy showed that the deer’s anatomy was not at all viable. Even so, they were found in a completely natural position and were groomed. This shows that the mother did try to take care of the two after they were delivered.

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