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    American STUDENT Managed To Make A DRUG EMPIRE In JUST 3 YEARS!! You WILL Be SURPRISED By The Way He Got CAUGHT!

    At an unusual student party, cocaine was split into a silver platter, and there were containers filled with drug-shaped pills.

    The drugged students liked to photograph themselves on a bed on which were thrown a $ 100,000, and with the weapons of the party organization, Lance Barbaras, who also included his brother Landon in the business.

    He worked with another dealer from the University, Douglas Dodd, who has grown the business with tablets in just three years.

    The third member of this team, Justin Knox, a wrestler from the University of Cumberland, was arrested shortly after this party in 2009, and that was the beginning of the end for the drug dealers in the college.

    Dodd published all this in the book Generation Oxy, describing how he made a drug empire that was earning $ 40,000 a month.

    At only 17 years, Dodd was arrested for possession of marijuana, so he had to reorient himself on tablets for the pain- – Oxycodone, which did not appear on drug tests.

    He was so battered by this new drug that he began to resell. He did not expect the success that he had managed. He bought 100 pills for an eight dollar price per piece and sold them in record time.

    Soon he sold 2,000 pills per month and earned $ 5,000 in the first month. Shortly after that, he became a partner with several friends and in the most profitable period, they earned 40 thousand dollars in a month.

    But since they became addicts too, the problems began to slumber. Dood graduated in 2007, and already in 2008, he photographed himself with automatic rifles scrambled to some passers-by.

    In October 2009, Dodd was arrested with his associates and 100,000 dollars were seized, and the Oxycodone pill with a value of $ 50,000.

    Dood accepted to co-operate with the authorities and received a six-year prison sentence, while Lance was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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    Although we live in the 21st century, gender bias still exists no matter how much we deny it. The female workers are not paid as much as their male counterparts and in some countries are even forbidden to wear what they like.

    Domestic abuse is one of the biggest concerns for women in today’s world. Some men try and show their dominance by beating their wives or children which is totally wrong and disgusting. The man in question took portrayal of his dominance on his wife to the next level.

    Maxim Gribanov, a resident of Lebedyan Western Russia, was a controlling and cruel husband. Maxim forced his wife Anastasia to quit her job because he did not want her to work.

    When Anastasia decided to break free and leave her husband she did something so horrific that is unimaginable.

    Maxim told his friends about this who made fun of him for not being able to control his wife over petty issues. The casual taunt triggered Maxim and he decided to portray how dominant he could be. He beat her wife badly for days and took pictures of her to show his friends how dominating he is.

    Anastasia was unable to bear the horrific injuries and slipped into a coma. The injuries were so brutal that she never made it out of the coma and died six days later. It was later discovered that Maxim had been beating Anastasia for over years now and had even threatened her father and brother against reporting him.

    Maxim was rightly sentenced to 16 years of jail, a term still not enough for the atrocities he inflicted on his wife.

    We urge all our readers to report and not be scared of their bully husbands because everyone has the basic right of leading a life of their own choice.

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    Arguments between husbands and wives are natural and there is no couple on earth that doesn’t fight or argue. These fights and arguments bring the couples closer to each other and they understand each other better than they used to.

    However, this man took arguments to the next level when he started abusing his wife physically. Charlotte Rooks met Craig Thomas two years before the horrific incident took place. Craig posed as a caring man who would walk into her workplace just to check if she was fine.

    Days got tough for Charlotte when her house caught fire and she had to move into a new place with her 13-year-old and Craig began to visit her daily and quite frequently. During those days Charlotte told Craig to return to his home so that they could both go to work the other day but an argument broke out and Craig punched her.

    From then on Craig made her sleep naked and upright every night. He made her eat her dead foster mum’s pictures and a ring she had left her. He made her spend nights naked and standing up while pregnant.

    She tried to escape the clutches of the monster but every time she did so Craig threatened her to kill her family and son. Charlotte was tortured everyday and thought about ending her life daily but one day decided to run away and free herself.

    After sending her son to her mothers she planned her escape in the very sorry state she was in. She ran to get help from the people nearest to her who finally took her to a hospital where a nurse persuaded her to register a complain against her abusive boyfriend.

    After a lot of persuasion Charlotte filed a report against Craig and he was sentenced to jail for 10 years in what the judge called the worst domestic abuse case. Charlotte survived to tell her tale and she set an example for other women to fight injustice and cruelty.

    The next time your husband or boyfriend raises his hand on you, it is time to call it off and report it to the police.

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    We as parents try to shield our children from the evil in this world and in today’s world, the parents do need to keep a strict watch on their children’s activities. Because although your innocent ward might be doing what is actually not wrong but there are many people out there hunting for people just like him or her.

    The internet is continuously growing in today’s world with new inventions being made everyday. Social media is one of the biggest product of the ever-growing web of computers and recent trends show everyone from the age of 10 to 80 is on some or the other form of social media.

    But what if we say that there are wicked minds waiting out there to prey on these 10-15 year olds. That would be quite scary won’t it? In all honesty it is actually true as proved by a recent incident in England.

    Charlene Baxter age 29 who is a resident of Southall Middlesex travelled to Christchurch just to take advantage of a 13-year-old. Now you might be thinking that these two places are way apart so how did she even know this boy.

    Charlene befriended the boy on Facebook. She chatted with him causally before sending him sexually explicit pictures and sexting with him. Charlene groomed him in a way that the boy accepted her request of meeting her on a beach.

    When Charlene met the boy she gave him alcohol and indulged in sexual activity with the minor in a tent on the beach.

    The mother of the victim found out that her child was missing and contacted the police. On checking his room she found explicit pictures of Charlene on his son’s computer that made his absence clear. The boy contacted his mother a day later and was found unharmed.

    Charlene was caught while trying to leave the district at the Basingstoke railway station.

    She was sentenced to five years of jail and was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

    We know you want to be the cool parents and give freedom to your children to learn from their own mistakes but beware someone out there might be waiting just for this. Keep an eye out on the online activity of your children until they understand the difference between right and wrong.

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    This Man MURDERED His BABY SON! YOU WON’T Believe WHY He Committed This HORRIBLE CRIME!!

    What comes to your mind when we say Father or Dad? A protective figure who can go through any pain and distress just to protect their child from getting a single scratch.

    We depend on them till the end of our lives because they lend us the strength in need and sacrifice their lives for us. Our father is the one who answers our senseless question patiently without getting irritated or chiding at us.

    However, a sadistic father did something so horrific that half of our readers will go into denial after reading this.

    Craig Dawick was alone at home with his eight-month old son named Leyton Flynn while mother Chantelle Flynn was out running some errands. The baby started crying for some reason while Chantelle was out and Craig did not pay heed to the poor child. Devoid of any attention the eight-month-old continued to cry and his incessant crying irritated his dad Craig.

    Instead of soothing the baby Craig started beating the poor child and cruelly beat him unconscious. Paramedics were called to the scene and the baby was rushed to the infant intensive care unit where he passed away two days later.

    When the mother was interrogated about the incident she decided to cover for her boyfriend. She told the police that she had the baby in her lap when he suddenly started sweating and grew pale. However, Chantelle’s white lie was easily called out after the doctors found out that the baby had suffered multiple fractures and brain injury which became the cause of his death.

    Craig was sentenced for a lifetime for his heinous crime. It was later discovered that Craig had earlier been reported for being abusive in the relationship too and it was two days before the horrific incident that Chantelle and Craig got back together.

    This incident would have surely shook your faith in humanity but we hope the good in the world always wins over the evil and we go down in the history for out kindness and not cruelty.

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    We all have taken the train to work or for some or the other reason at least once in our lifetime alone or with our family or kids. The metro is considered as one of the safer modes of commute especially for women traveling alone at even the oddest of hours.

    But what if we tell you that it isn’t safe. Women can be groped and harassed while making a commute between stations. If you say there would be other bystander who won’t let this happen then you have something to think about because in a recent incident something similar happened and the woman could do nothing but walk out of the metro.

    During a journey on the metro a woman stood near the train gate which was nearing a station when two men approached her and started passing sexually explicit remarks. The woman tired to ignore them and downplay their advances but the other man demanded she show them her breasts.

    The woman continued to ignore them and as soon as the train stopped on the station she started moving out to get down. Suddenly one of the man moved towards her and grabbed her breasts, he did not stop there and shoved his face in her cleavage while the onlookers stood watching and did nothing except making a video.

    The man then grabbed her buttock and ogled it as the woman was seen walking out of the train.

    The incident raises question on how safe the women really are when men like these do whatever they want not in some stranded place but in front of a whole crowd. It also raises a question on our ethics as humans as it is our duty to protect women against such perverts.

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    Sylvester Stallone GUILTY of PEDOPHILIA?! Find Out MORE HERE!

    Hollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world and caters to the entertainment needs of millions around the world. We all have had celebrity crushes and always believe that they are as good and pure as they portray in movies or evil based on their characters.

    Most of us millennials have always been a fan of Sylvester Stallone. The handsome hunk who dawned the role of John Rambo and saved thousands of people on the screen encouraging people to do good for others.

    The one and only Rocky Balboa for inspiring to not give up on their dreams and fight for it no matter how hard it gets. What if I tell you that was all a shield for hiding his true dark nature. Would you believe it? Most of you would say that it isn’t possible at all right?

    We also never thought that a legendary actor of his stature could do any such thing but according to recent reports a woman has accused Stallone of raping her while she was a minor in 1990. The lady alleged that she was raped by the Rambo star in his office in Santa Monica when he found out the two were alone.

    Coincidentally, Rambo forcing a teenage girl into threesome have also surfaced and judging by the recent trends in Hollywood, this could just be the beginning.

    The 16-year-old admitted to have consensual sex with Sylvester but the actor forced her to sleep with him as well as his bodyguard. The bodyguard allegedly forced the teenager to give him oral sex before penetrating her. Sylvester then forced her to give him oral sex as well.

    Sylvester has denied all the allegations in both the cases and stated that there was no rape involve in either of the cases.

    The Hollywood might seem a great and lovely place to be, but it surely has a dark alley where any aspiring actor or actress wouldn’t want to find themselves passing by.

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    HEROIC 12-Year-Old BOY SAVED HUNDREDS of Train Passengers After Doing This! Find Out HOW He Managed To Do It!!

    Comics were a wonderful invention that revolutionized how we grew up. One of the characters from the famous superman comic was Superboy. A clone developed from the DNA of the only kryptonite by the government to use against him in case he goes rouge.

    Like superman, superboy decided to use his powers to do good for the people and this world he was born into.

    But these are fictional characters right? Can you think of a teenager running down a track trying to save a train from running over a broken track single handily? No right, it’s impossible and we would have agreed with you if it was not for this boy.

    Bhim Yadav, a grade 5 student was on his way to his farm when he saw a train nearing a broken track in full speed. It was a chilly morning and the temperature was as low as 12 degrees. The driver of the train had no clue that he was jeopardizing hundreds of lives as he continued driving the train to literally a dead end. Bhim spotted the broken track and all he could think of was how to save the people in the train.

    He ran with all his might and took a position facing the speeding train. He then took off his shirt in the chilling cold and violently waved it towards the driver indicating him to stop. The driver noticed the young boy waving the t-shirt with all his might and took the cue.

    He slowed the train and brought it to a halt. It was later that he realised that the boy had saved hundreds of innocent lives by putting his own in harm’s way.

    Bhim was lauded for his brave act all over India and would be gifted for his valour and quick thinking. Though we did not find a hero with superpowers but Bhim with his act proved that you do not need superpowers to be a hero.

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    Ambulance Paramedic MURDERED 2 PATIENTS And SOLD Their CORPSES To THE MAFIA For $300! What The FU**?!

    Paramedics are the people who are our hope to saving our beloved’s life or sometimes ours. The emergency services are called when a patient needs to be transported to the hospital when their life is in grave danger.

    The paramedics are the people who have been responsible for saving multiple lives in the past. Their medical expertise in times of distress proves enough to help the patient survive on their way to the hospital where they are given the required treatment.

    But wait what if we say that these paramedics may be the reason you lost a loved one in the past. It wasn’t because they didn’t stand a chance of surviving, it was because they were forcefully killed. Sounds unbelievable and totally nonsensical right?

    But it might be true because in a recent incident a paramedic was found doing just that. David Garfalo, 42, is an ambulance driver who was responsible for carrying patients to the hospital for further treatment. However, the police found out something shocking about him. David allegedly injected air into the veins of terminally ill patients which induced their death while they were being transported from their home to the hospital.

    David implemented the well planned scheme to make the death look as natural as possible. The only question was why? Why did he take away their chance of living again?

    Police investigated and found out that it was because of money. David used the funerals of the victims to his advantage. David acted as a mediator between the grieving families and gave them the number of the undertakers who would further organise the funeral. He pocketed $300 for each body.

    The ways people take to earn money are getting weirder day by day and taking away the gift of life from someone is the most cruel way to look after yourself and your family.

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    In the Fall of 2016, the entire country was frightened by an epidemic of “killer clowns” who were spotted along roadsides and in other domesticated areas. In most cases, these clowns were content to simply slink around in the shadows frightening people, yet in some cases, witnesses reported being actively chased and threatened by people in clown suits.

    The phenomena was so serious that many major chain stores such as Wal-Mart and CVS made the decision to pull all clown costumes and masks from their shelves.

    Many people thought the killer clown epidemic had faded and gone away. Yet recent developments in a small-town haunted house have raised concerns that the movement may still be continuing, and in fact, may be more ominous than ever.

    Each year, the town of Bridal Falls, Idaho hosts a haunted corn maze called “Terror Behind the Rows” which transforms the town’s normal corn maze into a haunted playground after hours.

    Visitors pay a ten dollar fee and enter in the haunted maze in groups of two to seven for a forty minute long self-guided walk which brings them face to face with chainsaw wielding farmers, scarecrows possessed by evil spirits and a number of other classic Halloween haunts.

    One thing that is noticeably missing from the haunted maze is the presence of evil clowns. “Given the killer clown hysteria from last year, it is something we just decided to stay away from,” says James French, the owner of the haunted corn maze.

    “Before 2016, we used to incorporate scary clowns into the haunted maze, but for the last two years, we’ve decided not to in order to not lend any validity to the idiots who were dressing up last year trying to scare people.”

    Imagine French’s confusion when two separate groups in the last week emerged from the haunted maze with stories of being chased by a sinister-looking clown wielding a knife! The incident was first reported on Thursday night, when a seventeen-year-old girl and her boyfriend reported seeing a clown emerge from the corn rows.

    “At first, I thought it was part of the whole show,” the girl reports. “He was just standing there watching us. Then he grinned, and I could see the knife he was carrying. I got scared, so I started to run. He followed right behind us, threatening to cut us if we were caught. I just ran and ran. By the time I got to the next group of people and turned around, he was gone.”

    Two days later, a group of college students was going through the maze when they encountered the same maniacal clown. “He just started running after us,” reports one of the students. “We thought it was just another actor, so we ran away laughing, and when we got to the end, I told one of the volunteers working the maze that the clown had really given us a scare.

    The volunteer’s eyes got really big, and all of our hearts started to race when she informed us that there were no clowns in the maze.”

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    Can you imagine how to live in the coldest inhabited place on Earth is? In fact, scientists should test them psychologically because it isn’t safe to live there due to the extreme temperatures. Its name is Oymyakon, Russia, and they stand temperatures as cold as 50 °C below 0.

    An average person would die in that place after one day. However, Chapple, a very famous photographer from New Zealand decided to capture the most amazing shots of the common activities performed by the 500 habitants of that place.

    Oymyakon is located in Siberia. 926 Km far from the city, which means that it can take you up to 2 days to get there by car. Chapple traveled there by January so he could get the best shots during the coldest month of the year.

    People there see the day during only three hours. The rest 21 hours the habitants live in the shadows. By 1933, the temperature there raised the -90 °C, which placed them as the COLDEST place in the world.

    The habitants there have to use wellbaths because the tubes get frozen and don’t work. Also, if you have a car you should keep it in an acclimatized garage or turned on the whole day. Their diets are based on frozen meat of fish, rabbit or deer.

    They also like ice cubes made of horse blood. The photographer emphasized that most people aren’t quite friendly since they have to keep moving until arriving to a good, warm place; otherwise, they could die of hypothermia. People from Oymyakon have severe alcohol problems, since they have to drink a lot to keep themselves warm.

    The weather is so cold that Chapple’s camera got frozen and he couldn’t use it at that moment, so he had to keep it warm against his body for it to work. He also had to hold his breath while shooting because his breath screwed a lot of pictures.

    Once, while trying to take a panoramic shot he removed his gloves, but after feeling an intense pain in is thumb, he desisted. It was frozen and he just couldn’t feel it nor move it. One week later his finger shrank and looked burned.

    So, after knowing all this, would you like to visit this place?

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    Police responded to a 911 call last night from a woman claiming she had stabbed her husband 17 times because he wouldn’t take off his headphones while she was talking to him.

    Alan Kingsley, 32, was rushed to the hospital when police found him unresponsive at his home. He had sustained over a dozen knife wounds. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

    32 year old Rosaline Patt was arrested at the scene after Alan was transferred to a nearby hospital. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Rosaline had killed her husband because everytime she would talk to him, he would put his headphones on and refuse to listen to her.

    “It all happened so fast.” Said Rosaline, tearful, “He’d been on about it for months! Every time I tried to talk to him about anything serious he’d to the bedroom and come back with a big pair of headphones, crank up the volume, and mockingly nod at anything I say. It was infuriating.”

    Rosaline says she would never hurt anyone, and that she didn’t realize what she had done until blood was gushing out of his wounds.

    “I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. I had to call 911 and tell them what happened.”

    Alan and Rosaline met 4 years ago at a music festival, they got engaged two months later and wed on 2015. Alan’s friends describe Rosaline as a loving girl who would never be capable of doing anything like that.

    Chris Rodd, Alan’s childhood bestfriend and groomsman, describes the incident as traumatic.“I still can’t believe it. I never thought it would end like this, they were so in love and rarely fought until a couple of months back. Rosa would never do anything like that.”

    Rosaline has been charged with murder and is awaiting trial. Her lawyer says he’d tried to convince her to stand the trial as “mentally unstable”, but she refused.


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