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    Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna’s SECRET ROMANCE Finally REVEALED, And They Were CAUGHT In The MOST SHAMEFUL Way!

    Speculation about a blossoming romance between award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio (42) and popular singer Rihanna has been whispered about since the two were first seen leaving a party together nearly two years ago.

    While an actual relationship was never previously confirmed, secret rendezvous and insider information suggests that they may finally be ready to publicly announce their status as a couple.

    The attraction between Leo and Rihanna is no secret. They do not deny a friendship as well as a deep admiration for one another. Both parties speak highly about the other to both public and private sources, and Rihanna has even been reported to freely recount her intimate encounters with the Titanic star to her friends, describing him as the best lover she has ever had.

    While Leo and Rihanna had great chemistry upon first meetings, their hectic schedules presented considerable difficulty in spending any consistent amount of time together. Likewise, both stars have a reputation for being flirtatious and somewhat restless in regards to romance, thus they were previously content to limit their status as strictly friends with benefits.

    A source close to the couple reports that they began to acknowledge their deeper feelings about a year after they first met. Although the primary goal of their relationship had been strictly limited to fun and enjoying one another in the present moment, their chemistry is strong enough to have sparked true feelings of love for one another.

    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock (5490830bi).. Rihanna.. Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, Los Angeles, America – 10 Dec 2015.. WEARING DIOR..

    A source reports that when the couple is apart, they make a point of texting one another regularly, and that Leo “lights up like a little kid at Christmas” after any kind of exchange with Rihanna.

    The budding romance is not only limited to phone calls, text messages and the occasional steamy hookup. In a move that is somewhat contrary to both of their reputations, Leo and Rihanna have recently begun to make it a top priority to ensure that there is time in their schedules for one another. “They both seem really happy,” the source reports.

    “They are very hesitant to publicly announce anything, because neither one wants the scrutiny or media attention. But they’re not really making much of an attempt to hide it anymore.”

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    Kardashians’ Diet SECRETS REVEALED!! Does The “Kardashian” DIET Work?!

    The Kardashian sisters are famous in their own right, yet insiders reveal that the five are very different when it comes to their eating and exercise habits.

    On one end of the spectrum, Kim (36) is by far the most health conscious. She reportedly works out for up to two hours a day with a personal trainer who alternates between intense cardio and toning. Kim meticulously plans out her meals, as she will not eat carbs, dairy or sugar.

    She places emphasis on lots of green veggies and superfoods, such as blueberries and chia seeds, as well as lean, organic chicken and fish.

    The complete opposite of Kim Kardashian is little sister Kylie Jenner (20), who prides herself on her carefree lifestyle. Kylie loves all things related to junk food, and often eats candy or chips for breakfast. As far as daily exercises, Kylie refuses to establish any kind of workout routine beyond dancing at nightclubs and shopping with friends.

    Kylie’s recent pregnancy announcement has left her family and friends alike concerned about her health habits. After her sisters pleaded with her to take better care of herself, Kylie finally agreed to hire a personal nutritionist and chef to ensure she is getting balanced meals and proper nutrients, at least until the baby is born.

    Khloe Kardashian (33), who also recently announced that she was expecting, is a compromise between her two sisters. She makes sure to engage in some sort of physical activity each day, such as running, yoga or Pilates.

    When it comes to food, she is neither as obsessively strict as Kim nor as blatantly hedonistic as Kylie. Instead, Khloe simply seeks to make healthy choices by avoiding white sugar and limiting her carb intake.

    “It seems to be working well for her,” says an insider. “Khloe believes in balance, and makes sure that she allows herself a treat now and again as a reward for sticking to her diet plan. The emphasis right now is on ensuring that she has a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.”

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    What This Woman Did To Her GRANDMOTHER Will Leave You FROZEN In HORROR!

    Grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond with each other like no other. The only thing that exists is the love for each other. Grandparents often spoil their grandchildren with their immense love and care.

    However, for poor Adele Andrews who is 87-year-old it her granddaughter turned out to be evil and played a plot straight from some dark movie to keep her granny passive almost every day of her life.

    Jennie Greaves, Adele’s granddaughter continually poisoned her grandmother’s meals with strong anti-depressants that kept her passive throughout the day. The ant-depressant rich diet led to Adele being admitted to the hospital multiple times in a short span of time.

    Andrew’s doctor grew suspicious of her multiple visits to the hospital and on elaborate investigation found out that she was being given drugs that she wasn’t supposed to take. This is when he informed Andrew’s family about someone intoxicating the old lady with drugs and eventually they figured out that it was none other than Andrew’s granddaughter who did this.

    Jennie stole 5,280 pounds in cash and used her grandmother’s credit card for spending a week in a five-star hotel and using its spa. Yes, you heard it right Jennie risked her beloved grandmother’s life just for mere money and spending a week at the spa.

    It was later revealed that Jennie had stayed with her grandparents from a very early age and in spite of that she had poisoned her grandmother to take advantage of her. When questioned upon for her actions Jennie stated that taking care of her grandparents was overwhelming and she needed a break from it.

    When Andrew’s family found out about Jennie’s deeds they booted Jennie out of the home. A 68-year-old ill man offered her refuge and she even stole 3000 pounds from him. In the end, Jennie admitted to multiple frauds and poisoning her grandmother and has been jailed.

    The love of grandparents is so pure and selfless that even after hearing what her granddaughter did to her Andrew’s stated that he missed her. Money is important but cannot be traded with love.

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    This Woman MURDERED 5 of Her NEWBORN Babies! But What She Did AFTER Is Even WORSE!!

    How do you feel when you lose the sight of your child in a crowded place? You start to panic and do everything in your power to get him or her back. Those are parental instincts that take over, to protect your loving kid when the need arises. But what if you never knew they existed? That would leave any loving parent in a state of shock and devastated for the rest of their life.

    One such unfortunate father realized he had five more kids who had been murdered 14 years back and he was shocked when he came to know who their murderer was.

    Sylvie H a 53-year-old French woman killed five of her newborns minutes after they breathed their first into the world. The father was shocked to discover that he had five more kids who had been devoid of living by their own mother.

    The French police were puzzled and confused when they discovered the body of four infants in the forests of Mulhouse. However, the case went cold after the police were unable to find any concrete evidence pointing to any suspect.

    Sylvie, her husband, and her son were involved in a spat with their neighbors and police had to be called to intervene. During the process, the police took DNA samples from Sylvie and found out it was an exact match to the bodies of infants found in the forest years ago.

    The police rushed to Sylvie’s home to question her and on seeing them she admitted to her wrongdoings. Two of the five infants killed were strangled with cords and the body of the fifth was found in Sylvie’s background.

    The mother has three other children aged 18, 27, and 32 who were completely unaware that they had lost their siblings to their mother just like their father who was unknown about losing five children.

    The mother later revealed she had given birth to each of the babies when she was alone at home without her husband’s knowledge.

    The incident has shaken the whole neighborhood who are still trying to wrap their heads around what had actually happened just like we all are.

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    This OHIO COP Ended Up On The WRONG Side of A TASER, Find Out Why His PARTNER SHOT Him!

    Clumsy cops pairing together to fight bad guys sounds like a movie plot of some sorts. Doesn’t it? In real life, cops maintain the highest discipline and order and are trained to take on anything and everything. That is why they are handed guns of all kinds because we know that they could use it responsibly and sensibly.

    However, it did not go well for a pair of Ohio cops especially one of them when the other tased the wrong target while trying to subdue the suspect.

    The officers got a report of a domestic incident and set out to bring in the suspect who was identified as 22-year-old Christopher McClinton. On reaching the scene the officers found Christopher sitting in a vehicle. The officers followed the protocol and requested him to get out of the vehicle. Christopher reportedly refused and did not even denied identifying himself with the police as well.

    The officers dragged out Christopher from the vehicle and he began resisting. One of the cops held him down to the ground and tried handcuffing him but the other responded by firing a taser at the victim.

    However, he missed not by much but just a margin as one prong landed on the suspect while the other was on his partner. Without realizing it the cop with the taser in hand pulled the trigger of the gun and his partner was heard screaming instructions for letting go of the trigger.

    The culprit finally realized his mistake and in the end, apologized to his partner who had to be taken to the hospital as he had injured his head.

    The incident surely raised eyebrows in the training given to these policemen. It could have been a normal person who could have got tased if he or she had tried to help catching a suspect fleeing away from the authorities.

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    This Man MURDERED An INNOCENT Woman In Front of Her Family In A PUBLIC Park! You Won’t Believe WHY This MURDER Was Committed!

    San Francisco is one of the most famous cities of America famous for the Golden Gate bridge, it’s magnificent architecture, beautiful weather and warm people. Last year the city received approximately 24.6 million tourists and generated $2025 in taxes per household in the city.

    However, after a recent decision on a case the city might slump to one of the least visited in the entire USA. Kate Steinle was walking down a pier in San Francisco with her father and a family friend when she was shot by a man named Jose Inez Garcia Zarate. Steinle breathed her last in the arms of her father.

    Zarate was arrested and charged with Steinle’s murder. However, according to Zarate the gun fire was an accident. Zarate had apparently found the gun lying around and during his walk down the pier it fired and the bullet ricocheted from the concrete of the pier surface before hitting Steinle.

    Zarate was an undocumented immigrant in the United States of America and was tried for first and second degree murder along with charges of involuntary manslaughter and assault with a semi-automatic weapon. However, the jury adjudged him not guilty of any of the charges expect for possessing firearm by felon.

    The decision did not go down well with people who started to tweet with #BoycottSanFrancisco to revolt against the decision made on Steinle’s murder. The first to tweet on the decision was none other than President Donald Trump who yet again raised his voice for building a wall.

    The trend went viral and people came out against the decision in large numbers. The decision has also sparked a fresh debate on immigrants residing in the United States of America illegally. After the decision it was reported that Zarate would be deported to his country.

    The case will surely feed Trump’s ambition of building a wall along the Mexico border and going with the recent trends the wall may become a reality soon.

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    With the current scenario, most readers will feel this article would involve the mention of Kim Jong Unn and North Korea but it actually does not.

    Though North Korea might have tested multiple nuclear weapons the White House may be literally under threat not because of a war looming in the near future but because the President’s official residence is infested with mice, ants, and cockroaches.

    Yes, you heard it correct, President Trump’s residence and the oldest public building in America is under threat from pests.

    The White House has been reportedly been taken over by the vermin. The situation room from where the President takes care of critical situations is controlled by mice who also have a part of mess hall under their control.

    White House chief of staff John Kelly’s office has been infested with ants while there have been at least four sites where the colony of cockroaches has settled down.

    To put things in perspective, the people who keep the most important building and the country up and running are under the threat of falling ill critically due to the presence of pests. One of the most powerful leaders in the world who is apparently ready to take anyone on can actually fall victim to pests. Hard to believe right? But it is true!

    The secret was revealed after numerous work orders were sent to the General Services Administration(GSA) who are responsible for the management of the building.

    The North Korea threat is far from over and a third world war is a possibility in the near future with Russia preparing for it and Trump continuing to challenge the authority of Kim Jong Unn but in the midst of it all the last thing that America would need is an endemic inside White House. Hope the GSA takes the necessary steps to get rid of the pests.

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    4 Year-Old MARRIES 4 Wives At The Same Time! What Happened On Their WEDDING Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!!

    The world is coming to an end guys! A 4 year old boy who goes by the name Jason Francis Jeff from Hildale in Utah Washington County broke the world’s record as the youngest polygamist.

    At a church known as Mormon in Hildale, Jason Francis walked down the aisle with his 4 beloved brides namely Alicia, Michelle, Lisa, and June. The controversial marriage ceremony was attended by over 600 members who witnessed the  young Francis exchange vows with his 4 wives.

    But who is this Jason Francis boy? He is a grandson to a famous Mormon Prophet Warren Jeff. The newly wed brides swore to be faithful to their husband in sickness and in health. For better for worse. They exchanged vows and kissed in front of the congregation.

    But isn’t marriage for juniors illegal? Well it seems in Washington County it is legalized. Utah has gain massive numbers of children getting married to their partners at a very tender age. Not to forget the issue of polygamy. It is legalized that a man can have even up to 70 wives! What? unbelievable.

    Well, best lucks to the new weds as they start their matrimonial journey. Love is love! It doesn’t matter whether young or mature.

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    Donald Trump Has Started A WAR With The FBI, And It Won’t End Nicely.

    US President Donald Trump just went out at the FBI. Trump  let out strong denial concerning Michael Flynn. This came out when James Comey a former director questioned the matter.

    He poured out his anger over the FBI repute via his Twitter Account. This comes after  a series od development in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s call into the supposed Russian involvement in the United States Elections.

    Donald Trump has come out to deny that his team cooperated with Russia during the election period.

    Former FBI Director Robert Mueller had discharged an FBI officer from the elections investigation after it was discovered that he had made a series of anti-Trump comments through leaked text messages.

    The President still went to tweet on the dismissal of the FBI officer.

    Robert Muller’s spokesperson cleared the air after news of the dismissal of the FBI officer broke out. Few days ago former security adviser Michael Flynn made an announcement to cooperate with Robert Muller’s investigation. BUT WHY???? To plead guilty to less charge against his lie to the FBI.

    Michael Flynn has already admitted lying to the FBI and his sentence has already being lessened to 6 months. Special US  analysts have made it known that the former security adviser has some incriminating details of some of the top senior officials in the Trump’s government.

    Things are not yet ending here yet. A lot is getting complicated. Now comes the  controversy between Michael Flynn and and then Director of the FBI James Comey. Remember Donald Trump dismissed Flynn for giving a false account his contacts with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak to that of his Vice President Mike Pence.

    James Comey confessed that in a private meeting held by the US President, just one day after Michael Flynn got dismissed, Trump demanded him to show lenity to the fired Flynn. The President said  to Comey “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.”

    The President has denied claims that he has being pushing James Comey to drop the investigationns against Michael Flynn through a tweet.

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    The SLAVE Trade Going On In LIBYA Is DISGUSTING, The World MUST Find A Way To STOP This ABUSE!

    The monster slavery trade has hit Libya. Slave auction for as less as $400 has sent chills down the spine. the exploitation of the refugees and migrants has caught the attention of the International communities

    The investigations were conducted by CNN last month, and the footage has caused the uproar from African leaders. The leaders agreed on a plan to evacuate the refugees who are held captive at the detention camps.

    But from the look of things, the issue has been going on for years. Thanks to journalists who brought it to the limelight. Libya is the primary transit point that connects to Europe. For the past three years, the estimates indicate that 150,000 migrants and refugees have made an outrageous decision crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

    “How much”, Eight hundred”, the auctioneers respond. “1,000…1,050…1,100…1,200” sold. 1,200 is equivalent to $800. That is not the price for a car, furniture or a piece of land at remote place. Not at all, it is the price of two human beings! Oh God, what an outrageous reality!

    Most of these migrants have sold every little they owned to finance their journey while running away from conflicts. But in pursuit of better opportunities, they find themselves in the hand of smugglers. They are seen as commodities to get sold and discarded since they don’t have value. Utterly shocking.!

    Since Muammar Gaddafi got killed, the country has descended into civil war. It is described as a failed state. Libya has splintered into various factions of gangs, smugglers, tribes, and militias. The failed rule of law has turned- once a great country- smuggling and slave trade into a lucrative industry.

    Will the international communities forge a way forward to save the migrants? It’s sad to watch helpless human beings turned into slaves in the 21st century.

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    Rihanna’s SAVAGE Response To A Fan On TRANS Women Will Leave You COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS!

    Every make up lover in town is talking of  Fenty Beauty. I bet you have heard about it,Rihanna’s new cosmetics brand. The new  brand of cosmetics has taken a good toll on its consumers reasons being its renowned quality and inclusivity.

    Consumers all over social media have got nothing but good feedback about these products. This is the best marketing strategy which is drawing customers from all over. The cosmetic products favor diverse skin tones and backgrounds.

    This was visible in the ad campaign which featured all the aforementioned women. The campaign left mouths wide open as  it resembled one from the United Nations.

    Trans-women however felt left out leading a fan to throw a comment about it. The fan requested Rihanna to feature trans-women in her next campaign.Transwomen haven’t been featured in the makeup industry previously.

    To the fans shock, Rihanna responded to the message and with a positive response. She said that she didn’t have an intention of leaving anyone out and that she loves and will treat all her fans equally.

    Rihanna has been spotted in the past speaking about how paramount it is to stand together as one and celebrating all  our differences. Rihanna also referred to as the lemon singer talked about diversity in the cosmetic industry.

    Her fans on the social platforms applaud and celebrated her great accomplishment. One of her fan known as Cat Quinn in her message to Rihanna encourages others to  listen to Rihanna speak about the importances of producing makeup shades.

    Overly there is a lot of mixed reactions from fans on the internet. A good percentage rants about the transgender and how Rihanna skipped them out of  her campaign. Some of the fans stood up for Rihanna in regards to her response on the issue and how she answered

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    ABUSIVE Man BANNED Fiance From Wearing Make-Up For TWO YEARS! Find Out WHY!

    Lauren Richmond, a victim of an abusive relationship that had lasted two years, has finally come out to shed some light on her ordeal.

    Lauren, 22, was beaten half to death by her fiance Jordan Greaves, 23, during their relationship. He had banned her from wearing any make-up since they got together, saying it would “attract other men”. Jordan was finally convicted of assault, and Lauren has since taken a makeup and beauty therapy course because she’d decided to train to become a beauty therapist.

    Lauren was working at a holiday park when she met Jordan, they got together and she moved into his flat within two months of their relationship, eventually getting engaged.

    Lauren says that she had always fancied using makeup and experimenting with it, but was subsequently banned from using it completely by her fiance, because he said it would attract other men.

    According to Lauren, things were moving quickly, but as long as she felt safe with him, she didn’t mind. Her perfect relationship didn’t last long when his attitude started to change.

    She was working at Starbucks and Jordan was insistent on knowing where she was at all day and who she would talk to. He walk to her place of work and start staring at her from his booth.

    She describes her turmoil as menacing, stating that Jordan would become violent for every male customer she served.

    He later apologized for his behaviour and promised to seek professional help, Lauren says she was foolish to believe him. One day he got drunk on a night out with his friends, and started hitting her when she tried stopping him from driving home.

    She was admitted to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary for a head wound and injuries to her body.

    Feeling scared and threatened, she attempted to convince him that she wanted him and only him and that he had no reason to feel jealous, but it was to no avail, she couldn’t reason with him

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